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Michael Herweg: Jazz, Logic & Linguistics

I studied Linguistics and Philosophy and worked as researcher and lecturer at various universities and research institutes; since 1993 I've been working for an international IT corporation. Major interests are

- playing jazz guitar (swing, latin, fingerstyle)

- sports (bike, run, swim, ski)

- science (I teach logic and computational semantics classes part-time at the University of Heidelberg)

- history of music, music cognition

- listening to music (consistently buying vinyl records, but I'm not a hard-core record collector)

I'm particularly interested in combining my musical and scientific interests. This is why I'm giving talks about the history of jazz which I illustrate with musical examples on the guitar, as well as picking up some thematic motifs in music to which I add some scientific considerations (such as underpinning jazz standards about time, seasons and remembrance with some insights into the language and cognition of time - after all, the semantics of language about time and space is one of my favourite scientific playgrounds).

I also establish contacts to jazz clubs and other appropriate venues in Germany for my friends in the music business. So if you are planning a club tour in Germany, please reach out to me, I'll be glad to support.

And finally I like to write about jazz (well: mainly jazz guitar ...) concerts. I regularly contribute to the leading German web magazine for the jazz guitar:

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